BOLDED Youth and YA (1)


Our dynamic Youth & Young Adults course provides prevention strategies to equip young people with the tools they need to foster safe and healthy relationships. Explore the impacts of dating violence, how to recognize the signs of abuse and develop safe and healthy, supportive relationships and connections. To begin, choose between Individual, Friends and Family, or Enterprise. Then, click GET EDUCATED and follow the instructions to get started.

11 Reasons to Take This Course:

  • 1 Recognize signs of abuse early.
  • 2 Learn to say no and set boundaries.
  • 3 Foster safer and healthier relationships.
  • 4 Develop communication skills for healthy relationships.
  • 5 Interrupt the cycle of violence that can perpetuate from one generation to another.
  • 6 Understand the importance of consent.
  • 7 Promote healthy family dynamics.
  • 8 Prevent long-term trauma.
  • 9 Build resilience and a stronger community.
  • 10 Create awareness of what is NOT normal or acceptable and replace it with healthy tools.
  • 11 Become familiar with available resources.