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Our FUNDAMENTALS course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to understand the dynamics of intimate partner violence, prevention strategies, and safe and healthy relationships. To begin, choose between Individual, Friends and Family, or Enterprise. Then, click GET EDUCATED and follow the instructions to get started.

11 Reasons to Take the Fundamentals:

  • 1 Learn about the impact of intimate partner violence on individuals and communities.
  • 2 Understand how to recognize the signs of intimate partner violence.
  • 3 Gain insights into the dynamics of abusive relationships.
  • 4 Learn effective strategies for preventing intimate partner violence.
  • 5 Discover tools for fostering safe and healthy relationships.
  • 6 Understand the importance of consent and boundaries in relationship
  • 7 Learn how to support survivors of intimate partner violence.
  • 8 Explore strategies for promoting gender equality and respectful relationships.
  • 9 Understand the role of communication in building healthy relationships.
  • 10 Learn about available resources and support networks for victims.
  • 11 Become an advocate for preventing intimate partner violence in your community.