Saturday, September 18, 2010 (Washington DC)

While at the Potomac Mills mall, kicking off the first of its kind national tour effort to get people “talking about it”, we found out that miles away, Jennifer Bates, mother of two, had been gunned down by her husband, who later took his own life.  We all knew how important it is to talk about domestic violence before the next tragedy happens and Jennifer Bates’ story drove that message way too close to home.




Event Information

Potomac Mills Mall

2700 Potomac Mills

Prince Williams, VA 22192

In the Courtyard in front of TJ Maxx

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Panel Discussion


Judye Figueroa, National Hook-Up of Black Women


Sonia Quinonez, Stop Child Abuse Now


Ray Lucas, 100 Black Men, Maryland

Domestic Violence Speaker

Rebecca O'Connor, DCCADV

Inspirational Speaker

Stanice Anderson, Try Walking On Water

Musical Performance

Levi Stephens, Singer-Songwriter/Producer



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