About iPromise: A Moment to a Movement

Building on a workshop with The City University of New York’s (CUNY) Program in Applied Theater and Tectonic Theater Project (Laramie Project), iPromise: A Moment to a Movement is a theatrical initiative that will educate and engage audiences in a domestic violence prevention call to action. L.Y. Marlow’s autobiographical Color Me Butterfly along with real community stories will also shape the play. Harnessing the power of creative storytelling, progressive technology, and visual and media arts, the program will create:

  • A play that brings to the stage an innovative theatrical performance rooted in the personal story of L.Y. Marlow’s family experience of five generations of domestic violence and augmented by local community stories.
  • An online platform that will provide turnkey resources for communities to produce their own live production, connect with one another, and advocate for the cause.
  • A range of initiatives and events to increase awareness and drive a call to action.

Ideally we would launch a production in New York City in the 2017/18 theatrical season, and envision that the piece would be simulcast to audiences via social media and venues around the US. To share the call to action, we plan to also produce a compelling documentary that tells the Saving Promise story, community stories, the making of iPromise, and the world-class team that has been assembled to execute the vision.


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Partners or sponsors are vital to the success of the theater initiative. Learn more about how you can become a Theater Partner or Sponsor.


Become a Community Partner

Are you interested in being a community partner for the theater initiative? If so, contact theater@savingpromise.org.


Help Us Spread the Word

We need your help spreading the word about the seriousness of intimate partner violence and its effects on our families and communities. Please share our crowdfunding campaign with your friends and family to help us raise awareness about this global crisis.

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