Saturday, October 30, 2010 (Seattle, WA)

Legendary social activist and author of Getting Free, Ginny Nicarthy, welcomed Saving Promise to the Emerald City. We got right to work, talking about domestic violence on a rainy day at the Northgate Mall.  When it comes to the issue of domestic violence, Seattle is certainly sleepless.  We’re grateful to all of the wonderful organizations there for working tirelessly to get people “talking about it!”--we’re sure the Starbucks helps.






Event Information

Northgate Mall

401 NE Northgate Way

Seattle, WA 98125

Location: North end of the mall

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Welcome Remarks


Ginny Nicarthy

Discussion Panel

Mary Guiberson, Thrivers Action Group


Jonathan Grove, Men Against Violence


William Henkens, Eastside Domestic Violence Program


Betsy Ann, D.A.W.N.

Domestic Violence Speaker

Caroline Drake

Self-Defense Workshop

Seven Star Women's Kung Fu

Musical Performance

Verlee for Ransom, Band

Velcro Mindset, Band

Obtinario, Duet

Other Participants

Carolyn Scott-Brown, Faith-Trust Institute



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