Saturday, September 25, 2010 (Philadelphia, PA)

In the city of brotherly love, a woman walked up to L.Y. Marlow at the mall and showed her text messages from her abusive boyfriend.  “I hope you die”, he wrote.  As the courageous woman pleaded with L.Y. for help, her phone buzzed with a new message: “You’re sinning by talking to that woman,” it read.  The woman’s abuser was clearly stalking her, even watching her as she stood in the middle of Franklin Mills mall, trying to get help.




Event Information

Franklin Mills Mall

1455 Franklin Mills Circle

Philadelphia, PA 19154

Location: Grand Court

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Panel Discussion


Rosaura Torres, Author and Survivor


Azucena Ugarte, Women Against Abuse


Francine Williams, Youth Service Inc.


Mark Harrell, Men United for a Better Philadelphia


Lauren Griffin-Greenwood, National Hook-Up for Black Women

Domestic Violence Speaker

Vashti Bledsoe, Lutheran Settlement House

Inspirational Speaker

Alyesha "Ms. Wise" Wise, Spoken Word Artist

Self-Defense Workshop

Urban Defense


Radio Broadcast

Moshay, WRNB


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