Saturday, October 2, 2010 (New York, NY)

In Long Island, State Senator Kemp Hannon described domestic violence as a public health issue.  He reported that in his district, they’ve seen a 25% increase in domestic violence reports from 08-09 to 09-10.  What’s more startling? He shared with us that there had been a 58% increase in domestic violence arrests! With more vigilance comes higher numbers -- but let’s not miss the opportunity we have right now to change next year’s numbers!





Event Information

Roosevelt Field Mall

630 Old Country Road

Garden City, NY 11530

Location: Macy's Court

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Welcome Remarks


State Senator Kemp Hannon

Discussion Panel

Kimberlina Kavern, Safe Horizon


Alicia Albanese, Family & Children's, Nassau County


Joseph Samalin, Men Can Stop Rape


Dale Kassan, Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Speaker

Kimberlina Kavern, Safe Horizon

Inspirational Speaker

Jen Threat, Double Dutch Magazine

Self-Defense Workshop

Krav Maga Long Island


Musical Performance

Tiyee Champagnie, Singer



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