Sunday, October 10, 2010 (Memphis, TN)

Sometimes, it’s shocking when people are not supportive of raising domestic violence awareness.  At the Wolfchase Galleria mall, a man walked by our event seemingly curious about what we were doing and why so many people were standing around.  We told him we were there to raise domestic violence awareness and asked him if he’d like to join us, an offer he quickly declined.  For clarification, we asked if he thought it was important to raise awareness about domestic violence--he boldly said “No!”




Event Information

Wolfchase Galleria Mall

2760 North Germantown Pkwy

Memphis, TN 38133

Location: Center Court

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Welcome Remarks


State Senator Brian Kelsey

Discussion Panel

Constance L. Ross, Family Safety Center of Memphis


Elizabeth Shelley, YWCA Memphis


Reneire Hayes, CASA of Memphis


Gary Rosenberg, The Mankind Project

Domestic Violence Speaker

Mark Akin, The Mankind Project

Self-Defense Workshop

Krav Self-Defense LLC



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