Saturday, October 16, 2010 (Chicago, IL)

In the windy city, we were blown away--not literally, of course!  We were astounded by the amazing talent in singing, spoken word and even martial arts--and so were all of the other mallgoers!  Chicagoans helped us send their neighbor, Oprah, a resounding message about domestic violence: We Gotta Talk About It!




Event Information

Old Orchard Mall

4905 Old Orchard Center

Skokie, IL 60077

Location: Outdoor Court

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Discussion Panel


Briana Bielecki, Crisis Center for South Suburbia

Diane Stores, The Dwelling Place


Kathy Doherty, Between Friends


Judy Cowdin, The Dwelling Place

Inspirational Speaker

Nikki Patin, Spoken Word Artist

Self-Defense Workshop

White Tiger Martial Arts

Radio Broadcast

Kevin, Azizi Books

Pat Kelley, WLFM




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