Lack of awareness significantly influences the extent to which intimate partner violence affects our communities. For the most part, the problem remains largely marginalized or altogether ignored. According to recent studies, many experts see education as the key preventive tool. Education can expose the direct and underlying root causes of intimate partner violence, help build an understanding of its impact, alter societal consciousness and incite social change.

Realizing that public awareness must lead the way to achieve the social impact we anticipate, we set out with a vision to answer one question: Is it possible to apply the latest marketing and advocacy techniques that have been so successful in other national initiatives, like breast cancer awareness and anti-bullying campaigns, to ultimately change the stakes of intimate partner violence in America? The answer, we believe, is a resounding yes.

With this in mind, Saving Promise’s public awareness mission is to:

  • launch engaging and empowering public awareness and communication campaigns;
  • leverage a broad range of marketing tactics—including mainstream and social media, innovative technology, online marketing, public relations, grassroots efforts and cause marketing to reach our target audiences where they live, learn, work and play;
  • form partnerships with the community—women, men and youth organizations, faith-based institutions, health care, schools, colleges and universities, public and private entities, corporate America and advocates—to collectively address this national health crisis.

As a first step, Saving Promise will launch iPromise—a compelling and engaging public awareness call to action that focuses on the positive aspects of early intervention and prevention and ask America to make a real promise for change.

Make A Promise for Change

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