How Does It Hurt?

The impact of domestic violence is far-reaching and long-lasting.

An Abused Partner

Whether outward or inward, physical, emotional, verbal, financial and sexual abuse perpetrated by an abusive partner can leave painful and long-lasting scars. Symptoms like depression, anxiety, eating disorders and thoughts of suicide are common both during an abusive relationship, as well as after leaving an abuser.

An Abused Child or Child Witness

An abuser may hurt or threaten to hurt a child in order to control or punish a partner, and witnessing domestic violence can still have a significant impact. Children who experience or witness abuse may act out, become withdrawn, or have trouble in school, and may exhibit signs of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

What You Should Also Know...

Dynamics of Abuse

Pattern and cycle of domestic violence and abuse.

Why Not Leave?

Factors that deter victims from leaving abusers.

Does Your Partner...

Potential signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Dating Violence

Violence and abuse that occurs between unmarried partners.


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